Sugar cravings cured with Fat Batch Blondies

The following short post – I like to call it a burst blog – is a regurgitated post from my Instagram to make sure you don’t miss my documenting of food spot. Enjoy!

Happy Hippo vs hungry hippo. Who wins?

Me – the said hungry hippo.

Fat Batch is just around the corner from me and where that has its benefits, my dentist and belt buckle won’t be happy with the regular trips I’ll b making for more of its Kinder Nutella Blondies. A sensational bake and unbelievable taste.

The Cadbury’s Caramel Egg Cookie was also well received too.

Where is Fat Batch Bakery Aberdeen?

You’ll find Fat Batch on 57 Elmbank Terrace and if you lose your way, follow that sweet buttery scent!

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