Collaborate with The Food Hoover

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of brands to share content of their products and initiatives with my following. I love helping brands get the word out by creating bespoke posts, reviews and recipes using my blog site and social channels. 

I love the world I’ve created on social media but I believe true value for brands lives here on my blog where I can truly reflect my thoughts through detailed posts that are not constrained by character count. I adopt a blended approach utilising Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and newsletter (known as the Foodletter) to share blog posts and help get your message out to a wider audience. 

My audience may not be as big as Beyonce’s (yet) but my following is mighty which is continuously growing with fellow foodies eager to find out more about the local food scene, travel suggestions and flavoursome recipes.

If you think I’d be a great fit for your brand, I’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and let’s get the ball rolling!

Why work with a blogger? 

My day job is working as a marketing and comms executive and I can assure you that working with a blogger is an essential part of your brand’s PR activity. Working with a blogger gives your brand an authentic voice to help you publicise your key messaging to an audience that you may have not targeted or been able to reach yet. 

Collaborating with a blogger gives you that added flexibility for content to be created on your behalf but produced in a style that your brand guidelines may restrict you from. This enables content to be created that reflects your key messages but adds a different dynamic to your content marketing.

Submit your news

Not every brand wishes to collaborate with bloggers but always has news to share. I have a dedicated Food News section which offers brands a platform to submit news about new products, developments, initiatives etc. News from this section is then shared out across my social channels and has the opportunity to be included in my monthly Foodletter. 

If you have news that you would like to share, simply drop me an email to with a few details or a media release and we can get talking.