Festive Focaccia

As the clock ticks closer to Hogmanay, we scatter around the shops looking for supplies to stock up the house for guests coming over to welcome the New Year.

I love being a host, but there is nothing worse than the fear of running out of food and starving your guests. Being the host comes at a cost though and if you’re too generous, you can end up spending a weighty sum.

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Peanut butter cookies 

It was week two in the bake off tent and our bakers … Wait a minute that’s their line! Week two saw this year’s bakers showing off their skills to create biscuits with soft centres but crisp snaps. Another successful episode but this week the bake off cravings didn’t make an appearance in Colzer’s belly. In the signature, the bakers had to make 24 uniform … Continue reading Peanut butter cookies