The ultimate childhood sweet

One of my (many) resolutions for 2023 is to write more and – more specifically, write for the blog. Whether it be my thoughts on food or just anything that comes to mind, I’m hoping to make a regular weekly escape to my world of words.

So, phone planted face down, radio on – currently listening to Scott Mills on BBC Radio 2 – and here we go.

What’s that sweetie you loved as a child? And are you lucky enough to find it in the shops?

For me, it is one that I believe has been discontinued but years – well decades – on, I still hold a candle for an Irn Bru Bar. Florescent orange in colour and enough fizz to make your face concave into itself, these 30cm ruler-sized bars were my weak spot. Walking into any sweet shop, detector sounds would play as I scanned the shelves scoping out my sweet soulmate. And for a kid with very limited pocket money like me, these were a steal at 10p a bar which in today’s money that would be a crippling £2 no doubt – thank you inflation…

But despite this being a piggybank friendly and easily hid in a pocket away from disapproving parental eyes, the Irn Bru Bar was an eating experience like no other. The bar was chewy and elastic and would incur a lengthy stretch, needing surgical precision to detach bite from bar. Then the arrival of the next mission – chewing. A good two minutes per chew I’d reckon to get each bite to a safe to swallow condition.

Sounds like an admin heavy eat but there was something about that signature sour taste that kept me coming back for more. Much like its catchy television advert circa 2010, it was indeed fizzy, ginger and phenomenal (advert here if you don’t have a scooby of what I’m on about).

To paint a picture, the taste was similar to the Chewits Xtreme range but not too extreme to compare to the taste bud destroying Toxic Wastes – which were absolutely toxic. They still make me wince.

But back to Irn Bru. Its taste is a staple here in Scotland with a recipe kept under strict lock and key which I think is what made its sweetie counterpart so unrivalled for me. Melt it down, hook it to my veins and that my friend would be my elixir of life.

I’ve waffled on enough about my all time favourite sweetie but let’s get onto yours by popping a note in the comments below. I’ll need new suggestions to fill the void for sure.

Oh and if you spot and Irn Bru Bar in the shops, do tell.

Eat well and speak soon!

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