Cinnamon buns at Figment Coffee

The following short post – I like to call it a burst blog – is a regurgitated post from my Instagram to make sure you don’t miss my documenting of food spot. Enjoy!

“Food makes me happy” is a regular dream-like thought of mine every day, but when I’m sipping on a house-roasted coffee and scoffing anything from the bakery counter at Figment in Countesswells, that phrase chants in my head.

Last Friday’s happiness-inducing highlight was this delightful cinnamon bun. Practically fresh out the oven, it oozed with warmth inside with an avalanching frosting slide making its way down its spiral curves. And underneath, a perfectly constructed swirl that deserves to be placed centre stage at an art gallery for sure.

Mona Lisa, step aside.

Where is Figment Coffee?

You can find Figment Coffee in the super chill suburb of Countesswells just on the western edge of the city.

It’s address is 70 Countesswells Road, Aberdeen, AB15 7YJ and its visitors can enjoy breakfast and lunch in addition to its cake and coffee selection.

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