Dining Neverland at Six by Nico Aberdeen

The following short post – I like to call it a burst blog – is a regurgitated post from my Instagram to make sure you don’t miss my documenting of food spot. This post includes content from a gifted dining experience provided by Six by Nico Aberdeen.

Since arriving in Aberdeen in April last year, Six by Nico has continued to bring plates of excitement and delight to the hungry residents of Aberdeen.

So far we’ve been spoiled with the classics of The Chipper, the fun of the circus, taken a trip to Greece, fallen down the Rabbit Hole to experience Wonderland and jetted off to New York. And in its latest instalment, diners have followed the second start on the right to dine Neverland.

I was kindly invited in to review the magical menu, and here’s what I shared on Instagram.

The review

Now think a happy little thought… And it might come close to the latest Six by Nico Aberdeen menu, Neverland.

Inspired by the magic of Peter Pan, the Six by Nico team are sprinkling plenty of fairy dust to bring another inventive and experiential menu to the fore.

We started with the Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust aperitif which took me right back to my childhood (minus the gin…). Imagine the juice left at the bottom of a lime Calippo ice lolly, that’s what deliciousness to expect from this cocktail.

Then onto Happy Thoughts – a snack of crispy mac and cheese croquettes sat in an incredible gherkin ketchup. Soon followed by the Use Your Imagination dissolved take on a pepperoni pizza oozing with flavour and crunch.

The Lost Boys ham and cheese toastie which had a French toast feel to it with plenty (and I mean plenty) of flavour thanks to not only the toastie itself but the pickled mustard black garlic emulsion. Superb.

Bangarang! was top of the leader board for me with light as a feather black pollock accompanied by a crumbly satay sauce. I never thought I would say “that cucumber tastes amazing”, but that was until I tried the charred cucumber that came with this dish!

For a menu geared towards childhood, my expectations for dessert were high. The Food Fight baked salted caramel delice didn’t let me down bringing in all the feels of a butterscotch Angel Delight. Thanks to this excellent series of plates and delicious paired wines), I was certainly left with a smile in my heart and tops the chart as my favourite Six by Nico Aberdeen dine yet.

Where is Six By Nico Aberdeen?

Six by Nico is located at 367 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6BT.

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