Cosy into Autumn with The Fat Sparrow Bakery | AD

FYI: The following post is part of a paid partnership with The Fat Sparrow Bakery and the products reviewed were gifted as part of the collaboration.

As the season turns, golden tones run through the trees, coats of warmer tog are taken out of hibernation whilst animals burrow in for a lengthy nap and adding to the seasonal changes this year are new autumn inspired cupcakes by The Fat Sparrow Bakery.

Earlier this year The Fat Sparrow Bakery launched, bringing luxury cupcakes of spectacular taste to the people of Aberdeen. Creating inspired flavour combinations that go far beyond the standard tastes you’d expect from other cupcake brands, The Fat Sparrow Bakery knows how to do cupcakes and you can read my previous review of its signature box to learn more about the brand.

In my box were four beautifully prepared cupcakes oozing all the autumn feels with flavours of orchard apple and pecan, s’more, sticky toffee pudding and spiced pumpkin and maple. With each cupcake having its own distinct look, I couldn’t resist to keep them in the box any longer (I know right, hard gig).

Orchard apple and pecan

An apple crumble is a go to home bake for me and one that pairs perfectly with autumn – and same goes with this cupcake. The burst of cinnamon hit me like a steam train (in the best possible way of course) when I removed the wrapper from this cupcake and set the tone high for the rest of the eating.

This elegant beauty had baked apple chunks throughout the base, crunchy biscuit balls on top with syrupy caramel sauce which gave off all the vibes of a toffee apple crumble with its fresh, zingy, caramelised and comforting taste. If this were made in the Bake Off tent, I’m certain this decadent bake would get a Hollywood handshake.


I had my eyes on this one the minute I heard it was in the box and boy did it stare at me through the entirety of my photo session. You can’t beat a s’more in my book and what better addition to an autumn inspired box than a prized bonfire treat.

With chocolate chunks wrapped into its rich chocolatey base, the sponge alone was a chocolate lovers haven and with the generous topping of marshmallow fluff, this cupcake was something of indulgence. A cheeky bit of digestive was nestled underneath the cloud-like topping giving each bite a texture and taste to take a classic chocolate digestive to the next level.

Sticky toffee pudding

Whenever I’m out for dinner, I’m always certain to end the evening with sticky toffee pudding for dessert (or nabbing a bite of someone else’s) and The Fat Sparrow take on sticky toffee is something to be envied by bakers across the land.

The toffee sponge was perfectly light with tiny date chunks and a pool of salted caramel sauce ready to ooze its way down the cupcake like lava – this cupcake was like a hug of warming goodness. And unlike your regular sticky toffee pudding for dessert, this light take on the dish left plenty of room to take on another cupcake helping from the box…

Spiced pumpkin and maple

It’s the season when Starbucks take the pumpkin spiced latte syrup out of hiding (I had my first the other day – did not disappoint) but if you’re not a coffee fan, then one of these will fill that pumpkin spice hole this season.

When taken out of the wrapper, the orange glow and maple scent instantly fills you with autumn warmth and when tasted, expect to be transported to the confines of a comforting hide-out with hot chocolate in hand and wrapped up in a wooly jumper. And with a sweet blend of pumpkin and maple, this one is perfect for even the fussiest of eaters.

Where this year has been full of uncertainty, one thing is for sure that an order from The Fat Sparrow Bakery is always a dead set for delivering quality cupcakes that surpass expectations that you can rely on. Plus the price (£12.50) is an absolute steal for the excellency you receive in return- think the Harrods of bakery brands!

You can order your autumn flavours on the online shop along with its flagship signature box and even cinnamon rolls too.

Stay safe and eat well.

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