Dessert is served

As I finished a hellish HIIT workout last Wednesday morning my door buzzer went and greeting me was a box of sweet treats from EE Catering and Consultancy acting as the perfect reward for cheat day.

Isn’t it always when you’re trying to be good the craving for the food you shouldn’t have accelerates by 100%? I’ve been taking part in a 28 day fitness challenge and I swear I’ve never craved sugar as much as I have, so you can imagine by delight when EE Catering and Consultancy got in touch to send me some bakes to taste and give them some feedback.

Delivered to my door was a package of profiteroles and loaded brownies which I’ll review in this post.

FYI: The content reviewed in this post was gifted to me by EE Catering and Consultancy however I was under no obligation to produce this blog in return for the gifted items.

A bit about EE Catering and Consultancy

Based in Aberdeen, EE Catering and Consultancy is headed up by Ergin Eroglu who started baking back in 2009 and since them has continued to experiment with the baking process creating beautiful tarts, cakes and sourdough bread.

With his love of baking growing every day, Ergin decided to start up the EE baking brand so he could share his love of baking with others and let his creative juices flow to create a selection of desserts and bakery goods. Offering a vast online menu there’s a lot to get stuck into and you can also make special requests by direct messaging on Facebook or Instagram.

Double chocolate brownies

First up on the agenda were the mammoth double chocolate brownies. I’m glad this package arrived at the end of my fitness challenge as any sooner would have thrown me clean off my healthy eating (used loosely) for the whole process.

I have a tough list of requirements to meet when it comes to brownies and these ticked every box for me – to quote Love Island, on paper these were a perfect match for me.

Delightfully gooey with a rich cake-like dark chocolate sponge and a half melted white chocolate centre created a devilishly delicious treat that would make fitness professionals quiver!

In my delivery were four square brownies which (if I wasn’t greedy) could have been halved and comfortably served eight people and satisfying that sugar craving. With the portion size and price of £7.00 in mind, I wouldn’t think twice about plating these up alongside a pot of coffee for guests.


Now don’t lose all faith in me but I’ve never been a fan of profiteroles. “A food blogger who doesn’t like profiteroles” I know, it’s a travesty, but it’s true! It’s a dessert I always dread if being served as the sole pudding on the table and no matter if it’s homemade or shop bought – I always find them bland pockets of air. Well so I thought…

These profiteroles were different from any I had tasted before and truly converted me. On first impressions this towering display could rival a showstopper from The Great British Bake Off with beautiful presentation and substantial choux buns.

With sweet cream forced into every space left inside the crisp choux, there was an explosion with every spoonful which blended with the smooth chocolate coating created a velvety taste sensation. There’s something quite satisfying with the feel of the spoon cutting through all the textures of crisp outside down to fluffy under layer and through smooth creamy centre before reaching the bowl base.

To put it bluntly, I had to chain the fridge shut to stop me eating the whole box in one go – well, not really but you get the metaphor.

I love to be surprised and EE Catering and Consultancy definitely surpassed my expectations. This is the perfect for getting the supplies in for a dinner party offering more stunning desserts and bakes to wow your guests with.

I know where I’m going when I open the flat back up for Food Hoover dinner parties! Simply drop Ergin a direct message on Instagram and place your order for the brownies, profiteroles or anything else you’ve seen on the EE Catering and Consultancy Instagram feed.

For more reviews, check out my reviews page and follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with my latest food adventures around Aberdeen.

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