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As the sun vanished behind rain clouds, a special delivery of cupcakes from The Fat Sparrow Bakery perched on my doorstep to try out ahead of its website launch this week.

Creating cupcakes and other baked items for delivery in Aberdeen, The Fat Sparrow Bakery puts a luxury spin on your typical bakery delivery by using excellent flavour combinations and impressive arrangements.

Headed up by master baker Graeme who has created spectacular celebratory cakes and bakery goods for years as a hobby, has now bit the bullet to start an online shop to satisfy demand.

Creating exclusive monthly flavours in small batches, an order from The Fat Sparrow Bakery is truly special. I received a special batch of this month’s flavours to review and if you like what you read, you can purchase them on the online shop.

AD FYI: The cupcakes reviewed in this post were gifted by The Fat Sparrow Bakery and in return I produced blog and social content.

First impressions:

A box containing four of its signature cupcakes were delivered by hand in a white gift bag which set the tone for a special delivery. Peeking into the bag, I saw the cupcake box with branded compliment card covering the box window concealing what delights were in store. Excited to discover the contents, I rushed upstairs to my flat for the grand unveiling.

My eyes blinked with astonishment as I admired the cupcake selection, much similar to that moment in a rom-com when the heart throb sets eyes on the girl of his dreams – the cupcakes were stunning.

Looking picture-perfect and placed delicately in the box, the cupcakes were beautifully styled and looked too good to eat… but love didn’t conquer in this instance as they were soon scoffed.

The taste:

As I photographed these tasteful treats I somehow found the willpower to get all the shots I needed before rolling up the sleeves and choosing the first cupcake to devour.

From the moment I licked the icing off my fingers after peeling away the casing, I knew I was in for a good time.

Over the years I’ve come to learn that although I have a sweet tooth, there’s a fine line between sweet and sickly. The Fat Sparrow Bakery has the perfect combination of flavours that awakes the taste buds without putting you straight into a sugary slump.

Spiced ginger

Out of all the cupcakes, the spiced ginger cupcake intrigued me the most and had to be the tried first.

I scooped the insides of the fig out and took the fork down all layers of the cupcake to enjoy together in one flavourful bite. The heat of the ginger came out in the treacly textured base and this blended with the light butter cream topped with sticky caramel sauce and honeycomb crumb created a dessert like eat. This was miles better than your shop bought Jamaica cake and left me lusting for more.

Lemon meringue

I love a dessert themed bake so my expectations for the lemon meringue were high for the next entry on the cupcake conveyor belt.

The scent of lemon was released as I unraveled the wrapper and cut down through the crisp meringue shell, encasing soft marshmallow and revealed a surprise centre of homemade lemon curd. And the taste? A zesty heaven with smooth texture and citrus tastes from moreish curd and frosting, all mirroring a perfect lemon meringue pie.

Raspberry and vanilla

Next up was the raspberry and vanilla cupcake which was beautifully topped with a raspberry medley of jelly, dried raspberry crumb and berry. The base was light and fluffy and was a dream when ate with the velvety vanilla cream inside.

The raspberry frosting has a subtle berry flavour that avoided being so tart that my face screwed up and balanced all the flavours perfectly. If spring came in cupcake form, this would be it.

Chocolate and salted caramel

Chocoholics, this one’s made for you. Typically I find that chocolate cake can be a tad on the dry side but The Fat Sparrow Bakery nails the chocolate and salted caramel cupcake with fluffy chocolate base and rich layer of dark chocolate hiding beneath the caramel cream frosting.

This cake goes perfectly with a cup of coffee and the combination of dark flavours will even covert dark chocolate protesters.

Perfect for:

An order from The Fat Sparrow Bakery is the perfect gift for a someone’s birthday, special milestone or even just to perk them up. I didn’t know what would be delivered to my door but from arrival through to eating, delight was bestowed.

A box of four cupcakes is priced at £12.50 (+ £2 delivery charge) and is a complete steal when you consider the luxury look, hand-crafted flavour and detail placed into all these cupcakes. This isn’t any experience, this is the Fat Sparrow Experience.

Where to buy:

The Fat Sparrow Bakery is now online and you can order the same mixed box as I had or stick to four of one flavour (it would be a tough choice between the spiced ginger and lemon meringue for me!).

As mentioned, every month will bring a new batch of Fat Sparrow cupcake flavours and other bakery goods, including delicious cinnamon knots and patisserie – I might have to start up a monthly retainer for this place.

Collection isn’t available right now so double check that you are based within the catchment area to qualify for home delivery by scrolling halfway down the homepage.

This month’s online shop is selling out fast but fear not, The Fat Sparrow Bakery will be restocked next month with a new batch of flavours to order. Just follow its Instagram and Facebook pages to find out when the online shop opens and other key updates.

As popularity continues to grow, I have a hunch that there will be an Aberdeen sized nest full of hungry Fat Sparrow fans waiting for their next delivery of delicious bakes in the months to come.

Stay safe and eat well.

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  1. Congrats so happy for you. we miss you and wish you continuing success. Love Barbara and Gerard from Toronto


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