What to expect from The Food Hoover

Just like the cast of The Hills, everyone is due a new beginning andย that goes for me too as I change the direction for my blog.

Since entering the world of blogging just under four years ago, I’ve covered money saving tips, recipes, wellness, food reviews, fitness, day plans, new food spots – the list goes on. But it wasn’t until May last year I thought, “what am I actually doing here?”. My focus was dwindling and my direction was becoming foggier and foggier.

With a route that was calling out for a fog horn, something needed to change. I needed to go back to the drawing board and think about where I wanted to take the blog.

So as I trawled through 40 or so blogs, I thought about what I enjoyed writing about, where my passion was, and that was food.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a brand ambassador for Aberdeen Restaurant Week (organised by the smashing team over at Aberdeen Inspired) where I’ve reviewed my way around the Aberdeen city centre letting my followers know about the great eatery options that await. I love letting people know about great places to eat and this is what I’m going to continue.

From the minute I get up in the morning, food is the first things I think of, it’s what I plan my day around and it never sits on my plate long before I hoover it up. And so the new name for the blog is born,ย  The Food Hoover, and soon to be my new alias on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

So what can you expect from The Food Hoover? Food reviews, local food news from around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, recipes and a good measure food fueled travel content. That’s what to expect from the blog.

And there’s also some new additions, like a monthly mailing list (or eating list if you like) which you can subscribe to here and (for the first time ever) a logo which might seem like a minor thing but I’m pretty stoaked about it *cue lovingly gaze*.

That’s all for now, but sit tight, sign up and keep an eye out for plenty of appetising content over the next few months.







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