Sears Aberdeen

FYI the food provided during this visit was gifted by Sears but there was no obligation to produce any content as part of my visit.

Aberdeen’s food game is strong right now, with new food venture after new venture popping up around the city and it’s giving me all the feels! The latest addition to the city’s food map is Sears, a new casual dining experience in the Aberdeen Market and a few Saturday’s ago I dropped in by to see what its menu had in store. 

With a menu loaded with choice, Sears adds even more delicious variety to the already budding food scene in the Aberdeen Market and here’s why: 


The food

Sitting around the chef’s table, dish after dish arrived each different from the last but all working together to create a street food feast to suit all tastes. The Sears menu takes a sharing’s caring approach filled with mix and match options to create a casual dining experience serving up honest food to fill you with delight. 

Get that napkin around your neck, sleeves rolled up and get ready to dig into crispy chicken wings with a zingy mayo, succulent wings with a sticky glaze and barbecue ribs grilled to perfection; the starting plates gave plenty to get stuck into. 


Special shout out to the carbs, Sears kills it on the bread front. The Vegetable Couronne is insane! Similar to a focaccia but working in mozzarella, herbs and roasted tomatoes, a slice of this bad boy will have you weak at the knees. And not forgetting the Pretzel Egg Boats, loaded with toppings of garlic mushrooms, teriyaki chicken, pulled pork, sliced beef or keep it simple with fresh spring onion. 


If you’re a chilli fan (the food not the country), you need to be all over the Ultimate Vegan Chilli which works marmite and dark chocolate into its recipe. Love or hate marmite, you’ll find a soul mate in this dish.  

2019-06-09 12.30.51 1.jpg
Ultimate Vegan Chilli

To my own surprise, I still had room for dessert. The blueberry cheesecake could in fact be the one Chandler and Rachel ate off the floor in the Friends episode “The one with all the cheesecakes” with it’s creamy and moreish deliciousness. There’s a liquid dessert option to with the light and not too sweet brownie milkshake, Goldilocks would say it’s “juuuuuust right”. 


The vibe

The bar seating and the chef’s table set-up creates a chilled setting for a group dinner or drop in dinner for one. The open plan layout gives you insight into the workings of the kitchen to see your food being made and add a passionate team to the mix with anecdotes of the food recipes, you’ll soon discover that you’re in safe hands.  

There’s a feel of a bustling culinary community here as you glance out-with Sears to the market floor to see neighbouring Avo and Sushi Box delivering its relishing dishes. 

Perfect for

Sears is an ideal group lunch or early dinner location if you’re heading out to the bars with a relaxed atmosphere and perfect for sharing menu. You can bring your own bottle here making it an even better location if the purse strings are a bit tight. 

If art is your vibe, Sears is the perfect fueling point before checking out the sights of Nuart Aberdeen. The walls of the Aberdeen Market act as the canvas for an impressive art piece. 

1970-01-01 01.00.00 23.jpg
Nuart Aberdeen


Sears is just another shining example of quality food producer here in Aberdeen and I can’t wait to see where it goes over the next few months. So, clear your diaries and make some time to visit this epic new eat before I clear out the the bread stock.

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